Uithuizermeeden, Hervormde Kerk

1632: Repairs by Anthoni Waelckens

1692: Repairs by Arp Schnitger.

1780: Collaps of the tower.

1785: New organ by Albert Antoni Hinsz. The old organ is sold to Niehove. Hinsz dies in the process. The work is finished by M. Hardorff.

1819: Repairs by M.Martin an employee of Freytag.

1845: Repairs by H.E. Freytag

1868: Changes by N.A.G. Lohman

1876: Repairs by Neustihl

1896: Repairs by J. Doornbos

1906-1910: Changes by J. Doornbos

1931: Changes by Verschueren

1970: Restoration by van Vulpen