Deyelsdorf, Schloskapelle


The organ in Deyelsdorf was build in 1694 as a residence-organ for the pastor of St. Jakobi in Hamburg, Dr. Johann Friedrich Mayer. In 1701 he became an appointment as Professor of Theology at the university of Greifswald.
The residence-organ was moved to Greifswald. After the death of J.F. Mayer the organ was moved to Deyelsdorf. Statues were added on the organcase.
About 1800 the organ was changed by the organbuilder  Friedrich Friese I (1765-1833) from Bassendorf. A Pedal was added and the manual was extended to g3.
Friedrich Albert Mehmel (1827-88) did a rebuild in 1878, but two stops of Schnitger (Gedackt 8' and Flöte 4') survived. The organcase also survived.
The organ was restored in 1998 by Rainer Wolter (Zörbig (Rügen).


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