Nieuw Scheemda, Hervormde Kerk


All photos by Geert Jan Pottjewijd

1698: New organ by Arp Schnitger.

1810: Changes by N.A. Lohman. Part of the frontpipes renewed. Prestant 4' -->Prestant 8', Quint 3'-->Cornet III, Mixtuur-->Fluit travers 8', Trompet -->Gemshoorn 8'.

1920: New bellows by W.K. Beukema

1968: Restoration to the original situation by Metzler. Restorator Bernhardt Edskes.

1988: Changes to the wind-supply, reintonation and tuning.

2008: Maintenace by Orgelbau Edskes. The case was treated with beeswax


Manuaal   Pedaal
Holpijp 8' (S) C-a
Quintadena 8' discant (L) (M)  
Praestant 4' (S) (L)  
Fluit 4' (S) (M)  
Quint 3' (S)  
Octaaf 2' (S)  
Mixtuur III (M)  
Trompet 8' (M)  

(S) = Schnitger (L) = Lohman (M) = Metzler

  1. Magazine: Het Orgelblad 1968-10