Mensingeweer, Hervormde Kerk


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1699: Arp Schnitger builds an organ for the church of Pieterburen.

1700: Allart Meyer constructs a dummy Rugpositief case, i.e. without any stops.

1704: Johannes Radeker added a pedal-board without stops.

1772: New windchest. New manuals and partly new mechanism. Extension by a Fluit 4'.

1867: Repairs by N.A.G. Lohmann. Sexquialter and Mixtuur replaced by Viola da Gamba discant and Salicionaal 4'.

1901: W.K. Beukema moves the organ to Mensingeweer without its dummy Rugpositief. By placing the organ in Mensingeweer the intonation was nog changed. The Rugpositief stays in Pieterburen and still exists. A new ugly Rugpositief without any stops is added in Mensingeweer. The organ was buyed for fl. 400,-.

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1982: Repairs by van Vulpen,  tuning the organ to Werckmeister III

1992: New windmachine and some repairs by Mense Ruiter .

1996: Repairs by Mense Ruiter.

2010: Removal of the dummy-rugpositief by Mense Ruiter and restoration. Organ-consultant: Stef Tuinstra.
The Trompet 8' was already silent for 25 year. It now sounds again!
Commissioning of the organ 1.4.2011 by Stef Tuinstra.

Specification: (S=Schnitger), H=Hinsz L=Lohman

Manuaal   Pedaal
Prestant 8' (S) C-d1
Holpijp 8' (S)  
Viol da Gamba 8' discant (L)  
Octaaf 4' (S)  
Fluit 4' (H)  
Salicionaal 4' (L)  
Quint 2 2/3' (S)  
Octaaf 2' (S)  
Trompet 8' bas/discant (S)  

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