Groningen Lutherse kerk Arp Schnitger reconstruction

2013-2015: Plans for making a reconstrcution of the former Arp Schnitger organ in this church. This organ was demolished in 1896 for a new organ. See Groningen Lutherse kerk 1699.

2015: Contract signed for an organ made by Bernard Edskes.

2017: The new instrument has ben inaugurated at 31 october 2017

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At the same time a book about the history of the Schnitger organ an its reconstruction has been published by Victor Timmer: "De Renaissance van een barokorgel".

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Medium december 2017 a CD/DVD "Renaissance"of the organ will be released. The organist of the church Tymen Jan Bronda plays the organ
On the DVD an interview with Ton Koopman, live recording of 'In dir ist Freude' and motet 'Singet dem Herrn' of JS Bach recorded at the inauguration concert at 31 oktober 2017.
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