Groningen, Pelstergasthuiskerk

Photo from about 1950  (01) Click at the photo to enlarge

2 photo's from about 1970. (01) Click at the photo to enlarge

Concertprogram from 1970 Harald Vogel
 -Preludium und Fuge in F gr G Bohm (01)

Photo from by A.A.W.J. Rietman. Click at the photo for the full size.


1693: Construction of the organ by Arp Schnitger using parts of the former organ by Anthony Verbeeck dating from 1627.

1712: Alterations by Arp Schnitger. New windchest and manual for the Hoofdwerk. Addition of stops to the Hoofdwerk. Adding Cis, Dis, Fis and Gis.

1774: Albert Antoni Hinsz moves the organ to a new balcony at the westside of the church, adding stops to the specification. New windchests. New manuals and partly new mechanism. Changes to the case.

1803: Repairs by Heinrich Hartmann Freytag.

1875: Petrus van Oeckelen replaces the frontpipes by new ones. On the Hoofdwerk the Mixtuur, Scherp and Sexquialter are replaced by two 8' and one 4' register. New Trompet. Quintadeen 16' changed into Bourdon 16' At the Rugpositief Gedactquint 2 2/3' replaced by Fluit 2'.

1915: Bellows are replaced by Van Oeckelen & Sons.

1931: Klaas Doornbos places a new Trompet. Octaaf 2' becomes Voix Celeste 8'. Dulciaan 8' replaced by Clarinet 8'.

1993: Restoration by Bakker & Timmenga to the situation in 1774.


Hoofdwerk   Rugwerk   Pedaal  
Quintadeen 16' Gedakt 8'  C-d1  
Prestant 8' Prestant 4'    
Holpijp 8' Fluit 4'    
Octaaf 4' Quintluit 2 2/3'    
Fluit 4' Octaaf 2'    
Quint 2 2/3' Sesquialter II-III    
Superoctaaf 2' Scherp III    
Fluit 2' Dulciaan 8'    
Cornet III discant Tremulant      
Mixtuur IV bas/discant        
Fagot 16' bas/discant        
Trompet 8'        





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