Faro Cathedral, Portugal

Photo by Teun Juk from Emmen, Netherlands

General: In the book by Gustav Fock it is told that some organs were exported to other countries than Germany and Holland. Some were shipped to Portugal, three of which survived, two in Portugal (Faro? and Moreira) and one in Mariana, Brazil

1701: New organ by Arp Schnitger or Ulenkampf for Faro Cathedral. The organ was installed by Schnitger pupil Johann Heinrich Ulenkampf. Gustav Fock states that the organ was built by Ulenkampf in 1716. Is not clear whether the organ was Schnitger's work or Ulenkampf's.

xxxx: Horizontal reeds were added by a Portuguese organbuilder.

Interview with Bernhardt Edskes concerning the organs in Faro and Mariana

Article from L.A. Esteves Pereira published in the Organ Yearbook of 1983 on the organs in Faro and Mariana.

Photo of Teun Juk from Emmen, Netherlands