Dedesdorf, St. Laurentius


Photos: Geert Jan Pottjewijd (except exterior)
Leaflet about the organ page 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Article by Harald Vogel in Ars Organi (2000/4) (German)

1698: New organ by Arp Schnitger.

1742: Repairs and enlargement by Eilert Köhler. Changes to the intonation of the Quintadena 8'. Quinta 1 1/3' replaced by a Gemshorn 2'. New pitch. New 6-rank pedal added.

1838: Gerd Janssen Schmid replaced the Mixtur of the Pedal with a Subbass 16'.

1860: Schmid replaced the bellows by four new ones.

1917: Removal of the frontpipes for World War I.

1934: New frontpipes and repairs by Furtwängler & Hammer.

1957: Alfred Führer replaced the Principal 4' by a new one and also replaced parts of the tracker action mechanism.
At the bottom of this page you can find a photo of the organ around 1958

1998: Restoration by Führer (Leader Heiko Lorenz)

Specification: Schnitger (S), Köhler (K), Führer (F), Schmid (SC)

Unterclavier   Oberclavier   Pedal  
Quintaden 8' (S) Gedackt 8' (S) Subbass 16' (SC)
Gedackt 4' (S) Principal 4' (F) Oktave 8' (K)
Quinta 2 2/3' (S) Oktav 2' (S) Octave 4' (K)
Floit 2' (S) Quinta 1 1/3' (S) Posaune 16' (K)
Gemshorn 2' (K)     Trompete 8' (K)
Sesquialter II (S)     Trompete 4' (K)
Mixtur IV(S)        
Trompet 8' (S)        


Photo of the organ from around 1958
Source: Klingende Schätze Orgeln zwischen Elbe und Weser