The original designs of Arp Schnitger organs

Drawing for Wittmund

Drawings for Norden

Drawings for Zwolle

Groningen der Aa-kerk First organ

Drawings made by Schnitger and concerning his organs are few. Not all archives have been thoroughly investigated but is it not very likely that many more drawings will be found. In Golzwarden there is a drawing and there are designs for the organ in Norden. In the Netherlands a drawing of the Eenum organ has been found. This drawing is not signed, but the coat-of-arms on the design pointed to Eenum. Further there are the well-known designs for the organs of the Der Aa Church of Groningen and for the instrument at Pieterburen. Initially the two drawings of the organ in Sneek were attributed to Schnitger by Walter Kaufmann, but later investigations pointed out that these drawings were made by Scheurer in the nineteenth century.

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Pieterburen Hervormde kerk Possible Eenum? The drawings are not always of the best quality. The aim was not to produce art, but to give the church authorities an idea of the organ they ordered. The drawings were also used by the local craftsmen who made the organ-case. Many cases in the Netherlands were made by Allert Meyer of Groningen. The smaller organs were completely made in Hamburg and built up in the respective churches. All organs were made by specialists who knew exactly what to do. So it was not necessary to make very detailed drawings. Only the measurements were exact. The details were filled in by the specialists.