DVD's about Arp Schnitger

Hollern, St. Mauritius
This movie is created in collaboration with Hendrik Ahrend (Organbuilder) and Martin Tyler. It is a documentation of the restorationwork on the organ, supplemented by interviews and sound comparisons of all registers.
A new CD of the
restored organ withe organist Martin Böcker can be found in the Discography.
"The restoration of a historic organ is much more than the technical repair or restoration of damaged and missing parts of the organ.
Superior craftsmanship
and working knowledge of historical methods and materials is only a prerequisite for a sensitive restoration.
Historic organs
are during lifetime often rebuilt several times to habits in that time, so an extensive search to the instrument itself and the archives is needed to get knowledge about the original situation and to decide whicht situation must be reconstructed or retained.
However, it
is not always the only goal of restoration, to restore the original state of an organ.
This DVD documents the restoration process and allows deep insight into the work of  an organ builder.
A detailed
comparison of all the registers before and sound after restoration, an interview with the organ builder and a looking back on the stage of construction
makes the DVD complete. "
The total playing time of the DVD or Blu-ray is about 135 minutes.