huis1.jpg (24209 bytes) Our former Hazen-organ has been build in 1979/1980 by Hazen out of Bergen op Zoom. From 1980 - 1989 it was placed in our home in Nijeveen and from 1989-2000 it stood in our home in Beilen. (Photo to the left). The pipe-work was made by Stinkens in Zeist. The organ is now lent to a friend in Drenthe. Below photo's during the building and placement of the organ in 1979-1980.


Manual I

Manual II

Manual III



Roerfuit 8'

Gedekt 8'



Prestant 4'

Fluit 4'


Octaaf 2'

Nasard 2 2/3'


Terts 1 3/5' (disc)


Quint 1 1/3'




Roller-board in the workshop of Hazen in Bergen op Zoom.








Roller-board of the pedal in the

lower part of the case.







The manuals and the roller-board of manual for the lowest octave.







Arrival of the organ in 1980 in parts at our home in Nijeveen.







Placing of the pipes by the organbuilders.












Sight in the inside of the organ from the stairs.











Putti on the organ. The putti is made by Franz Bösch out of Austria.











The manuals after the organ was finished and installed.