Bardenfleth, St. Anna

: New organ by Arp Schnitger. (01)

This design from Arp Schnitger was accidentally found in november 2011 by Gerd Steinwascher in the "Staatsarchiv Oldenburg" by investigating justice papers


I. [front half of the chest]
Gedact 8
Principal 4 [entirely in the front]
Quinte 3 [principal scale]
Octav 2
Waltflöt 2
Sexquialtera II [principal scale, probably 1 1/3', breaking at c or between c and c']
II. [back half of the chest]
Holtzflöt 8
Blockflöt 4
Nassat 3
Super Octav 2
Mixtur IV
Trummet 8 [Schnitger style: round, fundamental, never brassy]

sliding coupler I/II [?]

CDEFGA to c''', 45 notes
single slider chest with two windboxes and divided channels

1894: The Schnitger organ was replaced with a new organ by Schmid. (01)

  1. 2010 Staatsarchiv Oldenburg: Neue Dokumente zum Orgelbauer Arp Schnitger: This website contains a YouTube-video with the presentation of the discovery of a organdesign and an contract by Arp Schnitger.
  2. Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft
  3. Huntereport from 02.11.2010
  4. NWZ Online from 02.11.2010
  5. Kreiszeitung Wesermarsch from 09.11.2010
  6. E-Mail from Friedrich Sprondel 2013-06-26