Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft

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In 1998 it was 350 years ago that Arp Schnitger was born in Schmalenfleth near Brake. For this reason in many places with Schnitger-organs in the north of Germany and the north of Netherlands there was organised something. This was done in Hamburg, Stade, Cappel, Dedesdorf, Groningen and Alkmaar, but of course also in Golzwarden (Brake), where Schnitger was baptised at the 9. of July 1648. Beside the door of the church of Golzwarden there is a tablet of bronze of Arp Schnitger. Al those activities led to the foundation of  the "Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft". The board and advicers plan, together with hopely many people who have interest in Arp Schnitger, organmusic and organbuilding, to preserve the organs of Arp Schnitger and organise events the use these organs. The "Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft" will try, together with friends out of the Netherlands to stimulate the acknowledgement of these organs as a world-cultural-inheritance.

Projects will be organised with the help of the advicers. The "Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft" will contact cities with Arp Schnitger-organs and investigate the possibilities for cooperation. The "Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft" is planning to give every year or two year a price to a young musician or organbuilder.

The "Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft" intends to bring out a new version of the book "Arp Schnitger und seine Schule", (1974, Bärenreiter) from Gustav Fock and a new book about the theme how to stimulate organbuilding.

Organisation of the "Arp Schnitger Gesellschaft e.V."


1. Chairman Geerd Dettmers Former director of an international company
2. Chairman Gerd Müller Historian and Arp Schnitger specialist
Treasurer Gerold Freese Member of Fa. Freese & Partner, Steuerberatungen
Secretary Stephan Bohlen Vicar at the St. Bartholomäus-Kirche in Golzwarden


Chairman Prof. Harald Vogel Founder of the Norddeutschen Orgelakademie, of the Organeum in Weener and teacher at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen
Jürgen Ahrend Organbuilder in Leer-Loga
Herbert Meier (Brake) Chairman of the "Arbeitskreises Arp Schnitger"
Pieter van Dijk Arp Schnitger Organ expert out of the Netherlands